Infection Town of Zombies

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Infection Town of Zombies

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Unleash the Apocalypse in Infection Town of Zombies: Lead the Horde to Victory 🧟🌆

Prepare to embrace the dark side in Infection Town of Zombies, a casual yet wildly entertaining game that flips the script on the classic zombie genre. Released in May 2023 for Android and coming to WebGL in March 2024, this game casts you not as a human survivor but as the formidable boss of a zombie horde. Your mission is clear: infect humans, expand your army, and lay waste to civilization. With strategic gameplay and an array of upgrades at your disposal, get ready to conquer the city and cement your status as the ultimate zombie overlord.

Become the Master of Mutation 🧬

In Infection Town of Zombies, your power grows with every human you infect. Transform ordinary citizens into undead soldiers by controlling a powerful zombie leader. As the boss, you'll have the ability to upgrade your character and mutated zombies, enhancing their strength, speed, and infection capabilities for maximum devastation. Each upgrade brings you closer to unstoppable force, ready to challenge the defenses of the living.

Battle Against Humanity's Last Stand 🚓🔫

The path to conquest is paved with resistance. You'll face civilians, policemen, and soldiers, each equipped with unique fighting styles and weapons. Adapting your strategy to overcome these adversaries is key to spreading the infection. Utilize the diverse abilities of your horde to outmaneuver the human defenses, turning their last stand into a desperate struggle for survival.

Conquer and Strategize 💥

Victory in Infection Town of Zombies requires more than brute force. Customize your approach for each encounter, whether it's a stealthy infection spree or a full-on assault against armed forces. The game encourages creativity in your tactics, offering various paths to dominate the city. With each victory, watch as the once-bustling streets become a playground for your undead army.

Controls: Command Your Horde with Ease 🕹️

Whether you're playing on PC or mobile, controlling your zombie horde has never been more intuitive:

  • PC Controls: Use WASD or arrow keys, or drag with the left-click to move your leader and direct the horde.
  • Mobile Controls: The in-game joystick provides smooth and responsive movement, allowing you to navigate through the city and initiate attacks with ease.


Infection Town of Zombies offers a fresh and thrilling perspective on the zombie apocalypse, where you are the harbinger of doom rather than its survivor. With engaging gameplay, strategic depth, and a satisfying progression system, this game promises hours of fun as you infect, conquer, and revel in the chaos you create.

Are you ready to lead the ultimate zombie horde and bring humanity to its knees? Infection Town of Zombies awaits, offering you the chance to unleash pandemonium and carve out a new world order under your reign. Let the infection begin!

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Infection Town of Zombies! That's incredible game, i will play it later...