World Geography: Flags and Capitals

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World Geography: Flags and Capitals

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Embark on a Global Learning Adventure with "World Geography: Flags and Capitals" 🌍✨

Unlock the doors to the world with "World Geography: Flags and Capitals", an educational and engaging geography trivia quiz game that takes you on a journey across continents, countries, and cultures. Released in June 2019 for Android and March 2024 for WebGL, this game is designed to test and expand your geography knowledge through fun and interactive quizzes. Suitable for all ages, it's a fantastic way to learn about the world we live in, from the comfort of your own home or classroom.

Explore Five Captivating Game Modes 🎮🏳️

Dive into the heart of geography with five diverse game modes, each offering a unique challenge:

  • Flags of the World: Start with the basics and progress to more challenging levels, identifying flags from around the globe.
  • Independence Day: Test your historical knowledge by matching countries with their days of independence.
  • Countries of the World: Challenge your geographical expertise by identifying countries on the map.
  • Population of Countries: Recall population stats for various countries and earn fabulous rewards for your knowledge.
  • Tournaments: Embark on a global adventure in exciting tournaments that put your geography skills to the ultimate test.

Available in Multiple Languages 🌐

"World Geography: Flags and Capitals" welcomes players from around the world by offering the game in multiple languages, including English, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, Turkish, and Bulgarian. This wide range of language options ensures that learners from different linguistic backgrounds can enjoy and benefit from the game.

Educational and Entertaining Experience for All Ages 📚💡

Whether you're a geography enthusiast, a student looking to supplement your studies, or simply curious about the world, this game offers both educational and entertaining experiences. Learn about countries, flags, capitals, and significant historical events through captivating quizzes, all while enhancing your memory and knowledge of global geography.

Helpful Hints and Interactive Gameplay 🕹️🌟

Stuck on a question? Use helpful hints to eliminate half of the incorrect answers, guiding you closer to the right choice. The game's interactive and user-friendly interface, coupled with the use of the left mouse button to select answers, makes it accessible and enjoyable for players of all ages.


"World Geography: Flags and Capitals" stands as a testament to the power of educational games in fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of our world. It's a delightful and educational gaming experience that promises to expand your geographical horizons and provide hours of fun.

Are you ready to test your geography knowledge and embark on an educational adventure like no other? "World Geography: Flags and Capitals" awaits to take you on a captivating journey through the countries and cultures that make up our diverse world. Start playing today and discover the joy of learning geography in an interactive and engaging way!

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow World Geography: Flags and Capitals! That's incredible game, i will play it later...